Thursday, February 4, 2016

On the Cookie Train & Star Program

It's Thankful Thursday today and I've been praying for a few people as the prayer requests come to my email from church or I see a need on FB. I am thankful for a Good Heavenly Father that cares about the big and little things that affects us and He wants us to bring our prayers and concerns to Him & He wants us well!

I have been gaining some energy back and it feels good. I'm thankful that I have more energy and have been able to plan  and cook meals for my family & keep the laundry caught up with my little Laundry Helpers. I am trying to follow our budget better and see if our grocery allotment can be less than it has in the past but still have a variety of good foods to eat. It is a challenge. Anyone else struggle with this? I'm working on making some pretty/fun envelopes for the envelope system that are a great size to fit into my wallet. They will be much easier to carry & keep track of and being pretty will help me to stick with using them.

I am super grateful that I've had the energy that I need to take my little Girl Scout out selling her
cookies because we are on the Girl Scout Cookie Train right now. Morgan is working to earn herself the American Girl Doll of the Year for 2016, Lea Clark. And she's trying to help her troop get the funds they need for their 42 girls to complete their badges and trips for this year. She is learning that selling 600 boxes of cookies is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. It is not impossible but it is challenging. Last year was her first year and she sold a little over 300 boxes for the 10 weeks that they can sell. This year, she's been selling for almost 2 weeks out of the 10 weeks and she's up to 437 boxes, which is 73% of her goal. She also made another goal to try and sell 36 donated boxes of cookies. She's got 15 sold which is 42% of that goal. Her troop also has a goal of 3,000 boxes. So Morgan has been practicing her math skills along with her money skills and learning confidence and overcoming her shyness.  Tonight she gets to make Valentines for Vets which I think is a great event to attend. We all need to know that we are loved.  So if you want cookies, you can order from us if you are local or you can order online from her site and they will be shipped right to your door but the way you pick the boxes is limited and you pay shipping. We've had some people send money in the mail or I can collect money from Paypal as a gift if you'd like to contribute to her cookie donations (they go to our Military & food banks). To order & have shipped to your door, just visit Morgan's site at:

Yesterday was my treatment appointment. And I have decided to utilize the STAR program that OSF has available. It stands for Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation and is a nationally recognized program to improve the lives of survivors who often suffer from side effects caused by cancer treatments. Even though I am doing super thanks to God's healing hands upon me, I thought it might help me strengthen myself and increase energy even more and give me information about lymphedema. Most of my arm, shoulder, and side have gained feeling back but it is still coming out of that 'pins & needles' phase. It's kinda hard to believe that it has been 6 months since the mastectomy surgery. I am so very thankful for God's guidance, for the prayers of His people and for His healing touch on my body. I'm hoping that this program will give me some knowledge in how to strengthen myself even more & help me have confidence in what I can do and help me to stick with health movements, even if they aren't the conventional ones I was used to doing. Maybe help me get past that and find a 'new' way of doing what I need to do.

I've been enjoying my time with Sadie this week. We've been practicing sounds that she has trouble with. I know it isn't uncommon for kids her age to have trouble with these but we practice and say silly things and make silly faces to make it fun while she learns. We've practiced writing some letters beyond those from her name and today we've been playing with the Littlest Pet Shop animals and the My Little Pony Friends that she has. She helped at Photography Club and when I told her that I finished the cross-stitch I was working on while at treatment yesterday, she asked me if I could make her a Rainbow Unicorn now. The problem with that is I don't have a good pattern to follow so I was trying to make one in my program but it is going to take me a long time and I'm not sure it's going to work. I think I'll resort to the more simple one instead. I think she'll be just as happy with it and maybe someday we can make this other picture into a good pattern.

Let me leave you with this...we've been teaching the kids about having the right attitude in our class on Sunday and the verse we've been working on is Psalm 51:10. One of the things we talked about last week was "Having an Attitude of Gratitude" and how being thankful can change one's attitude, even when times are difficult. This is a challenge sometimes but sooo worth it. What are you thankful for? Does that help give you a different perspective on a situation? Let's encourage each other to have an attitude of gratitude and get our hearts right with God. He desires us to have pure/clean hearts and a steadfast/right spirit. Enjoy your day!
~Best Regards  Jeannette :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gotta Keep on Trusting Him

Well the holiday and fun family time is well over. The kids are back into the school routine...well sort of until they all got that stomach bug that was going around. Then they each took turns missing a day or 2 of school and I was kept busy taking care of them all. Adam even ended up getting hit & could actually use your prayers as he's still trying to recuperate completely from it. It has zapped his energy and I have a feeling this weekend is going to include a lot of rest for him.

Medical wise things have been going pretty good for me. Sort of in a "holding pattern" I guess. I am still having to go in and get 2 kinds of chemo for the Her2 receptors every 3 weeks but that is going mostly good. There have still been a few side effects but overall I am good and actually gaining more energy with each day. It feels good to accomplish things around the house a little more like I used to. It may seem trivial but keeping the laundry caught up and making meals without being so exhausted feeling is nice.  Last week when I had the treatment, it actually made me cold but was also on that 18 below day so that didn't help. I will have to be sure to layer better next time. It's the first time I ran into that problem since I started this treatment plan at the end of May and I refuse to bring any of my own beautiful blankets or prayer shawls in because I simply don't want to have more laundry to do & it would have been exposed to far too many things to just continue using it in my home. I'm a little weird that way I guess but when they told me that I had to flush the toilet twice for 48 hours after a treatment, I just use extra caution for my hubby & kiddos. I could use some prayers because I have to appeal some billing for the treatments with the insurance company and would like some favor for a good response. Oh, I almost forgot. They drew blood for the tumor marker to be done. The last time it was done was in Nov and it was 49, this time it came back as 47 and the results I looked at said that under 38 is normal. :) To God be the GLORY! He's healed me and it's manifesting in more than this one way.

I haven't talked about it in awhile but I have continued to keep reading my Bible and am nearing the challenge of reading through the whole Bible. It has taken me nearly 2 years I think but that is okay. I have learned a lot so far and it isn't as though that was the only thing I have been doing for my quiet time. I've only got Revelations left. That's how close I am and for some strange reason, I've slowed down finishing it. I think perhaps I don't want it to end but that's so silly because if I desire, I can just start over again. Right? Do you ever have silly thinking like that?  I've also been reading a book titled "When Heaven Invades Earth". It's wonderful and powerful. Sometimes I read too fast as though I'm just trying to get to the end but with this book, I'm trying to absorb as much of it as I can. I read a little before going to bed and then pray and ponder on what I've just read. I feel as though I should go back and re-read it because it just makes so many great points and I want to remember as many as I can. I have it in the Kindle App and I love that because I can highlight and make notes as the Holy Spirit speaks to me. 

Please pray that I am able to self discipline myself to get back onto a reasonable sleep schedule. I need to be sure to take care of myself and I'm not using my time in the best way so I am trying once again to not be a night owl because my job as a wife and mother require me to be a daytime person. Thanks.  I don't know about you but there are many things I'm working on and what I keep reminding myself is to just keep trying and moving forward from where I'm at. Not worrying about how many times I have had to start something over again, whether it be to get to bed at a decent time or to eat healthier, or exercise or stick with the laundry, or have my quiet time with God each day, or stop some bad habit or start a good matter what it is, I realize that even if I fall off the wagon and have to start all over again say a million times, I'm still better off trying again then just plain giving up and saying its of no use.  So if you feel that you should work on a change in your life, it might be challenging, you may have to start over AGAIN but tell yourself that's okay and you'll do better. Start where you are and strive to do a little better each day. You can do it with God's help!

Since I've been doing a lot of laundry from trying to get rid of the germs making everyone sick at my house, I noticed that our dryer was making a new noise..and it was NOT the kind of noise that is good coming from a dryer. Instead of worrying what I'm going to do, I said a fairly simple prayer that went something like this. "Lord, I'm trying to make sure our laundry is done each day. I thank you for giving me the endurance and strength to keep up with it this week. You know our finances right now Lord and you also know what we have need of. Please provide us a dryer at the right time so we don't have to be without and I don't have to figure out what to do to dry everything. Thanks God for always supplying our needs. In Jesus' name Amen."  I was on FB and happened to see on the Garage Sale Site for our town that someone had a washer & dryer for sale. A good price too. I asked some questions about the dryer and didn't get much info. Then the next day I went to look for the post and it was gone. The lady had taken the post down & put up one just for the dryer and hadn't tagged me in the new post or answered the question I had from the previous one. I was a little annoyed. But I told myself aloud that maybe she doesn't really know how FB works or how to tag people or anything like that. SO I asked my question again and still no answer. I told myself that maybe she was at work or something & she'd get back with me soon but I could feel myself getting a little anxious that maybe I wouldn't be able to make this sale that I needed happen. And that's when it hit me...I Gotta Keep on Trusting Him, no matter the circumstances. Sooooooo.....I let it go, and it was a little bit challenging because someone after me had posted she'd take the dryer and I thought that my chances of getting this dryer had dropped to a BIG FAT ZERO.  Notice that I didn't say it was hard to let this go, nor that it was impossible?  Nope...didn't say it because I know with God ALL things are possible and challenging yes, but not impossible & I had to remind myself between thoughts that were rolling around in my head that I had prayed and asked God to provide and maybe He had something better in mind for us. I had to remind myself that I asked Him to provide and He's always been faithful to answer my prayers and take care of me. ALWAYS!!!

A little while later, my sister called and asked if I was looking for a dryer. I said why yes I am. She said, I have an extra one you can have. Thank you LORD not only for providing but for helping me to remember how faithful you are. You love me and will provide for me. Trusting God doesn't always look like this situation for me. You all know that. I've had to trust God that no matter what kind of Pet Scan results or blood tests or whatever I get, I know he's gonna take care of me & my family. It's not always easy but I can say it is SO WORTH IT. God has your best interest in mind too. He knows better than anyone what is best for you and saying YES to let him guide you is an amazing choice and journey. Will you take that journey with Him? He is already waiting for you to say yes. He's calling you to come, lay your burdens down at his feet and trust him. He loves you!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10 Thankful Thursday

I sit here listening to the sound of the movie Home for the millionth time. Sadie really enjoys this movie. She just said, "This movie is a good one." It will keep her busy long enough for me to type this.

It's time for a quick update. I'm extremely tired today. I woke up yesterday and was feeling really good. My back wasn't hurting for the first time since I slipped on some ice the day after Thanksgiving so I got a lot of stuff done. Still more to do in prep of having my sisters and their families visit us. I really am looking forward to them all being here but like to keep things as simple as possible so we can maximize the visiting. I'm planning simple meals and thinking that since the majority of us enjoy breakfast, that we'll do a brunch on Christmas morning and then we can still have some good food for dinner but the pressure will be off for expectations of a big dinner...well, at least I'm thinking so. I have some amazing sisters so I will have plenty of help.

Well after the amount of laundry and stuff I got done around the house you would have thought I would have been able to fall asleep easily but something happened yesterday evening that made my heart cry with sadness. I can't disclose on here exactly what happened but lets just say that my 3 school aged children could use prayers with school issues which spans from homework, teachers that don't explain things clearly, friendships, etc. I'm sure there are many others out there that have experienced parts of what I'm talking about. I'll pray for your children & you too. It is hard to see your kids going through those tough times. But I just kept praying about it all last night & messaged a friend for some words of encouragement and was finally able to fall asleep. I didn't get much sleep so I'm not getting much done today but that's okay I guess. I get to enjoy Gabby's band concert tonight and am thrilled that I will get help wrapping presents on Saturday from friends in my church family. I look forward to having that part done early.

Try not to fill your days ahead with too much stuff to do. Remember the season we are celebrating and take some time to enjoy it between the Christmas parties, performances, and such. Pray for those that you  know feel lonely during this Christmas season and be encouraging to as many people as God asks you to. Speak life!  Our kids have been arguing too much lately and we keep reminding them to Speak Life to each other. This is a favorite song of mine that I may have shared before but it is definitely worth sharing again. I always like sharing the lyrics of a song so you can read them while listening. They are powerful. the bible tells us that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. It also tells us to be encouraging to others.

 I'm still praising God that the Chest CT scan was clear. I'm praising God that the pain in my body is leaving and I am feeling better each day. I am thankful for the help that I need and that I am able to do more these days without so many side effects as the Taxotere chemo was giving me. My eyebrows are growing back but up close look kinda funny since they are sticking straight out from being so short. The hair on my head is growing though some days it looks completely WILD! I do my best to be okay with it, especially after looking back at pictures of when I had NO hair. My head and neck are ok with this warmer weather though I really do enjoy the look or a white Christmas. It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood and the loving, wonderful family I got to spend it with. I'm looking forward to my nails coming back and not being quite so awful. They keep ripping from the chem and some are so short that they kinda hurt but I am thankful that they are growing and getting better. Each day is a sweet and small victory that adds up to the Battle that is already won on my account...and yours too.  Well, it's time for me to go purchase some date night tickets to the New Star Wars movie. We hope to take the kids after Christmas but for now, my wonderful, geeky husband and I are going to enjoy some VIP seats and I need to get the tickets before they are sold out. Have another great week. Find something to be thankful for. Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean to forget. If this thankful stuff is new to you, maybe you need to start big and work your way down to all the little things that you are thankful for. We all have something to be thankful for if we look.

Be thankful & encourage!
Jeannette :)

P.S. I am thankful for my baby sister who was born 2 weeks before Christmas years ago. Her birthday is tomorrow so if you know Natalie, wish her a happy birthday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Praise God for Good Report!

I posted this short update for the results for the CT of my chest on Facebook already but I know there are a few that follow the blog and don't go on FB.

They did the CT scan on Monday which if you've never had the contrast dye that they's weird. Makes you feel as though you are all warmed up inside and the lady said for some it can make them feel as if they are urinating. Such a strange feeling to be all warm inside like that.  Anyway, I saw the oncologist today and he said that the CT scan was clear and didn't show any nodules. He said he's not sure what they saw on the portable chest x-ray but that I am good.  I said, Praise God for that good report!

I am to start up the hormone blocking meds again since I stopped the Taxotere chemo.  I still am scheduled to get the receptor meds every 3 weeks but those 2 don't take as long and I was out of there rather quickly today & able to get a few groceries that Adam needs since he's on road most of the week from here on out until Christmas.  The next time I go in, I don't even have to have labs drawn which cuts the time there even shorter. It never takes long to draw the labs but takes nearly an hour to get them back so we know if everything is ok for them to give me the nasty chemo. Since I'm not doing that one, I don't need labs next time.  That is a nice feeling.

I have been praying that I get good results for the last 4 weeks and I must say, I sure needed this good news. It is definitely a faith builder to have prayers answered like this. I continue praying & believing for a complete healing because I truly believe that it has been done and I just have to receive it for it to manifest.

I must keep this short. Sadie has had a runny nose and been waking up between 4 and 5am and not falling asleep again until close to time for everyone else to wake up or after we are all up getting ready for the day. Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere in the am so I am going to take advantage of that and snuggle with Sadie when she wakes up but I'm heading to bed soon in hopes of getting a better night's sleep since my nose has been runny too.

Thank you for all the prayers you lifted up on behalf of me and my family. I truly felt them because I was not a basket case waiting to re-run the chest CT and I wasn't a crazy mess from the time of having the CT done yesterday to getting the results. That waiting game can make a person bazerk but I felt mostly at peace and when a thought would come into my mind, I would say my thoughts are captive to you God. And give it to Him to take care of. It certainly worked and though I was expecting good news today, I was relieved to hear it.  God is faithful and his love endures forever!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day & Treatment #7 Update: Medical talk included

I want to start out by saying Happy Veterans Day. I know many people that have served and many who have passed. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all because Freedom is not Free by any means. Thank you for helping protect my right to worship God as I choose. Thank you for standing up for the rights of people who can't do it themselves. Thank you for your sacrifice in time, money, your lives, etc. Thank you does not seem enough but I greatly appreciate all you've done and those that continue to serve. I pray for healing of bodies, hearts, & minds for the things that you've seen and done and struggle with. For those with PTSD that they will be free from it and healed by God's amazing grace and touch. Thank you Grandpa Kenny for serving in WWII, for Uncle Randy who served in the Navy, for my Dad who served in the National Guard to name a few that are close to me. Thank you to my Grandma Mahoney for writing to service men when they were away from their homes and families to help them stay connected. I too did that for a few people and I like when our community pulls together and sends cards and packages to those stationed away from home.  I am going to choose not to name anyone else because the list would start to get long and I know I would miss many special people so instead I will just say Thank you to all service men and women. God Bless you ALL!!!

 This pic is from a few years ago but I really like it & wanted to share.

I thought that since I'm trying to include a warning about medical stuff I'll be talking about that perhaps I could find an image to use when it comes to that part of the update.  It won't always mean that I'm talking in great descriptive detail about things that might seem gross to others but it will include the medical stuff.  Hope this helps. Just trying to make it a little easier to navigate through all of this and I am a work in progress and so is my blog. LOL

Had another Treatment Tuesday Nov 10th.  Spoke with the doctor and what I don't understand is why no one at the hospital told me that on the chest x-ray they did last Wednesday that they found a lung mass. My doctor said that he wants to give me a little time to get over this cold the rest of the way and do a CT scan before my next appointment in 3 weeks so he has the results to go over with me. He said that it doesn't appear that it should be cancer spreading to my lungs because I haven't had anything else that would indicate that but he had a tumor marker number drawn yesterday and we should get that number back in a week or so. And then the CT scan.  I am standing on God's word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and that God is greater and will do immeasurably more than I could even think or ask for. I would appreciate others standing in agreement with me and also for prayer to help keep my thoughts captive to God so that fear and other thoughts don't try to take over as I am entered into the waiting game of the tumor marker numbers & CT scan & results.

On a good test note, the blood tests that they ran for sepsis came up completely free and clear of infection so PRAISE GOD for that result. I actually had no worries about that. I was like 99% sure it would be clear. That 1% was a slight waiver because my flesh was trying to tell me different than my Spirit already knew & I was fighting it, just like I am fighting this lung mass information.

I told my doctor that even though today marked Taxotere treatment #7 which is not an even number, I would like to stop at 7. It is viewed as a holy number, God's perfect number.Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).  I told him that I usually like even numbers but that I had been praying about it and feel as though this is the time to stop. He said okay, we will discuss the next options of treatment in 3 weeks. I will still receive the Her2 meds which are perjeta and herceptin every 3 weeks but they don't cause as many side effects for me as the taxotere has. And like I said, I am believing and expecting for the CT scan to be clear in a few weeks

Wrapping this up I will I have 3 days worth of steroids in my body. Adam has only a few days left of vacation, Friday will be a down day for me when my body needs to rest from the taxotere treatment I got yesterday so today is the big work day to get as much done in our house as we can. We were hoping to declutter together but Adam came off of about 5 weeks of pre-load work where he's up at 2:30am and was working 12 hours most days and it isn't even Christmas season yet. It took his body a little longer to get back onto a more normal schedule and we are really hoping to get lots done today. So I'm off to get dressed and start our day.  Have a great Wednesday and remember our Veterans.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Was in the hospital

So Gabby went to Youth Convention last weekend and had a great time. She got home around 8:30 and then had some homework to finish so she was up kinda late. When she woke up on Monday morning she wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought it was from being tired. Being a little more compassionate for people not feeling well since being diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, I allowed her to sleep a little longer and tried to take her to school for 2nd hour. She missed Chorus 1st hour and that was okay. However, when she was going to get out of the van she was very nauseous and by the time we walked into the house again, she was in the bathroom getting rid of that nausea. She started running a fever between 100-almost 102. She missed Tuesday as well but the fever was gone by Wednesday so she went to school.

Warning: Medical talk below....

I had been very cold Tuesday night and didn't sleep much because I was shivering. My alarm clock went off and  I got up, took the kids to school. Made myself a shake for breakfast but was really cold so I didn't finish it. Took a shower trying to warm up and then curled up in my bed to get warmer and fell asleep. I slept most of the day. Made Sadie some food and she stayed pretty close to me so I'd wake up and check on her but I was so sleepy. Then Adam got home and I took my temperature. It was up to 101.6. Not good, especially for a person that has been doing chemo treatments. So I called the doctor's office and waited for a call back. They told me they were concerned that my WBC was low and that I needed to have it checked so I should go to the walk in clinic. I did. They checked for strep because my nose was all stuffy and drainage in my throat and it looked nasty. Negative. They did a urine culture and that was negative and instead of sending me to the lab for the blood draws, they opted to send me to the ER. Oh joy!

They got me checked in with Triage and into a room fairly quickly. They had the lab people come to me and they had a hard time accessing my port at first because they didn't have a long enough needle, so we waited for about 15 or 20 minutes until someone could get the right size. They had to collect from 2 different sites so my port and then a poke on my arm because they needed to test my blood to see if I had an infection in my blood which translates pretty much to sepsis. But that test takes 2-3 days to get results back. They did a chest x-ray which was negative, and they did a flu test which was negative. I had been praying and the Tylenol that I had taken before going in started to work and I was feeling more myself. They started an IV to re-hydrate me and I continued to wait. The doctor ended up coming back in to tell me and my mother-in-law that I would need to be admitted overnight in order to figure out what was going on. It is protocol for people that have a fever and have had chemo treatments or something. I was not thrilled to hear this. So my mother-in-law couldn't do anything else with me there and went home to get a few things and went to my house in order to get the kids to bed and get them off to school on Thursday and take care of Sadie on Thursday.

It took until midnight for them to get a bed for me in the hospital and then nearly another hour to get me checked in with a million questions to answer, vitals to be done again and then for me to wait to be seen by the doctor there for an evaluation. I was mostly fine except they hadn't been able to get me any Tylenol to bring the fever back down and I was chilled again. It had been about 9 1/2 hours since I had any and because of the procedures they have in place, I had to wait for the doctor's orders to get into the computer. The doctor was very nice and told me that they planned to keep me until they got the blood test back whether I had an infection in my blood, which meant 2-3 days in the hospital. WHAT!!!!?!!?! No way!!! I did not want to stay so I prayed and told God that I did not want to stay there because I wasn't sick enough to be in the hospital and I wanted him to do something about it.

I finally took some Tylenol at 1:45 am and was able to try to fall asleep. I was cold but when the Tylenol kicked in, I got hot and threw off all the covers and felt fine ever since then. I've had a bit of a runny nose but that seems like nothing compared to what they were trying to say I might have. I kept telling them that my daughter had the same thing on Mon & Tues but they wanted to keep me. So Adam encouraged me to call my Oncologist in Green Bay and share the info of what was going on and see if he would do anything different. He made a call to his associate that was in Escanaba yesterday and asked if he'd come see me and see whether he felt comfortable advising that I be released. Then he called me and told me this information. I tried to watch tv earlier but there really wasn't anything good on so I shut it off and opened the blinds a little and sat in the chair near the window and prayed. I was just thinking that I wished I had my cell phone so I could continue reading the book I started called "When Heaven Invades Earth" but I had forgotten my phone in the van and I didn't have a charger with me anyway. Then I remembered that there should be a Bible in the room thanks to the Gideons and I went to find it. I found it and sat down and started reading, pausing when my lunch came & when the nurse came to take my vitals. I read for a few hours I think and stopped to pray at different times when I felt I needed to or when the scriptures spoke to me. Then the Oncology doctor came in to see me. He only cracked the door a little and didn't see me in the bed and said where are you because he had heard me reply for him to come in. I said over here. He was like oh, you're not in the bed. I said no, I refuse to lay there when I'm not sick. It made him chuckle. He asked how I was feeling and I said I feel really good. He said well you look great! He examined me and then asked if they were going to release me tomorrow. I said maybe but my other doctor said you might be willing to talk to them and ask for me to be released today. He said, oh sure, I can do that. You seem fine. I explained again how my daughter had the same thing earlier in the week and ran the same kind of temperature and that I hadn't run a fever for any of the chemo treatments I have had. He talked to the doctor and she came in to see me and signed the discharge papers. In the meantime, they had pumped me full of antibiotics and gave me diarrhea to which they tested to make sure I didn't have c-diff. She said that they would call me with the results and she sent me home on an antibiotic of HUGE pills and told me to treat the head cold. I haven't had a fever since it broke in the hospital and I am ever so thankful to be back at home. I don't expect to have a blood infection because if I did have sepsis, I would not look or feel the way I do.  I didn't have my phone with me so I didn't have any phone numbers to call anyone and I couldn't get online to tell anyone either. I figured this was the easiest way to share what happened when people start hearing I was in the hospital and asking questions. Sorry I didn't contact anyone, especially close family members. Once I got home around 4:30, it was snuggle the kiddos because we missed each other so much. Then dinner, then chores & homework and a run to the pharmacy to get the meds they prescribed to me. Then get the kiddos to bed and help Gabby finish her homework and then off to bed myself. Whew! But I was sooooo thankful to be able to do those things. Today I did most of my usual things in the morning with getting the kids ready for school. My mother-in-law stayed the night in order to help out again today and took the kids to school and then we've been picking up and cleaning today. And when I received a text asking how I am doing...I thought it was time to sit down and type an update so questions are answered.
God continues to be so GOOD! I was going to share a few verses that spoke to me yesterday but I was unable to mark them because I had the hospital bible and didn't even have a pen in the room so as they come back to my memory, I'll be sure to share. But today was really quite normal. Thanks for the prayers and concerns. And it's Friday so I'm doing great!  ~Jeannette :)